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Topic of the Week – Facebook Is A Failed Social Experiment…

Facebook has many great qualities…many great features…many great ways to communicate…and many great problems.

The LOBO WATCH Facebook page has grown like crazy in recent months, and that’s because for those on Facebook who have grown sick and tired of losing so much of our hard earned wildlife resources to wolves and other predators, the page has given them a place to sound off – and to challenge the idiocy behind allowing uncontrolled predator numbers.  And that has not set well with radical  pro-wolf environmentalists.

Facebook allows pro-wolf zealots to come onto an open page such as LOBO WATCH and attack those fighting for wolf control, and they have using every degree of vulgarity, physical threats, and one lie after another.  And if they are challenged on the page, guess who gets censored.  I for one have gotten more than a fair share of “Facebook Warnings” for telling someone who just posted how much they would like to shoot me…to “Go to hell!”   Those warnings have come with the threat of losing Facebook “privileges”.

Facebook is severely flawed.  Those who administer the pages feel they can control society by censoring opinions. 

I’m an extremely opinionated person, as I am sure you can see through the posts on this blog, and on the LOBO WATCH website at www.lobowatch.com .  And for that reason, I’ve decided to use Facebook less and less and less.  Instead, I will encourage the thousands who I communicate with to come to this blog and to address issues concerning wolves…poor wildlife management…political predators…radical environmentalists…and how to fight these problems which now plague the American outdoor lifestyle.

And we will do so by posting a “Topic of the Week” which we will try our best to get published here on Wednesday of every week…so here’s your first topic.  Become a regular follower, and come here to discuss the issues that are important to us.  Rest assured, we will monitor comments – and will be quick to omit or delete any comments which are overly vulgar…threatening…or too far off topic.  What we won’t censor are your feelings and emotions, those are the passions of life.

So, what are your issues with Facebook?

Toby Bridges


Caution – We Will Show Photos Of Dead Wolves & Photos Of Wildlife Destroyed By Wolves!


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16 thoughts on “Topic of the Week – Facebook Is A Failed Social Experiment…

  1. We need to purge the LOBO WATCH Facebook page of all known pro-wolfers. If any of you know anyone using the page who is, let me know ASAP.


    • Steve nick on said:

      good luck I think since it is a community link it is invadeable by all sorts of creeps along with the good people and will be hard to control…..but if they don’t talk real then Block em … kinda like a full time job ..but hell it will get done…unfortunately the blog is the safest way…..its almost like the 3 S’s…the less they know the better it is


  2. Kit Henderson on said:

    The vulgarity, obscene and lewd comments as well as threats only exibit the immaturity and lack of morals the pro wolfers seem to posess…Personally, would take it as a compliment when these types of comments are recieved. You know you are having impact and the pro’s are showing their true colors! Carry On Lobo Watch-doin a great job! Thanks!

  3. Melanie Wood on said:

    I love animals. No doubt about that. Find them preferable to most people, in fact. I’m a big supporter of dogs getting forever homes through adoption and think anyone who buys a puppy needs education…. Now having said that, I can’t possibly agree with anyone who supports uncontrolled wolves running around all over the place, eating up all the other animals. Who could possibly think that is a sustainable situation? What is their argument? How could anyone with the sense God gave a turnip not see that letting wolves run all over the place could only end up with a world in which elk and deer don’t exist? Do they think these wolves are dogs in need of forest homes? Seems like they ought to leave the wolves to people with common sense (and wolf tags….) and turn their concern to domesticated animals who actually need their help. If they continue to fight for this ridiculous policy of wolves being allowed to reproduce in an uncontrolled manner, that’s the only animal that’ll be left!!! Those deer the wolf supporters don’t want anyone to hunt will be gone anyway!!! I just don’t get why they are so defensive of an animal that will eat them and their children just as well as it eats all the elk when the elk are all gone……..

    • A whole lot of the problem, Melanie, I think, is that our young people are being indoctrinated in schools, by teachers (some not all) who have been brainwashed in colleges by very liberal professors who have a total disconnect with how the real world works. Not just in nature, but also in agriculture and business.

  4. Dan Leavens on said:

    I like what Lobo Watch has done on fb.

  5. I know we often refer to those pro-wolfers who cry out loud babies. And many of them are, just kids of 14 or 15 years of age with no real life experience at all, but many of them are full grown adults. We’ve even had one NASA scientist, Ken Culling, show his ignorance of wolves by continuing to claim they are good for a balanced nature. And these have been the ones I’ve enjoyed going after the most. Facebook has been a good medium for getting the word out, but we have to keep in mind that those who administer Facebook are so far removed from the wolf problem they are, well, ignorant of the issue. I believe it will become harder and harder and harder to post anything of any real relevance there. So, it’s time to establish a new meeting place…and this is likely it.

    The pro-wolfers have the Ralph Maughan site (also a WordPress blog)…and if you go onto that site and challenge anything that anyone says about how great wolves are…well, it just does not make it onto the blog. There will be times when I’m away a few days for a hunt or to attend an outdoor trade show, and comments may take that long before they are approved, but I work at home, and most of the time we can get things on here within a few hours of being submitted. And we don’t have to put up with cry babies or brain dead NASA scientists.

    Even so, now and then we may allow a pro-wolfer show his or her ass…then play with them for a bit…and then pull the rug out from beneath them.


  6. S. Roth on said:

    We as Facebook users of the site need to start reporting THEM to the Facebook admins as well. Reporting is a two way street they report us…we can return the favor. I for one like the Facebook page. It gives me a chance to see what kind of flawed and uninformed people really are talking about from the other side of the aisle. Plus it puts it ALL out there…the hard in your face pics….the true side of the wolf. Not the Hallmark beautiful, pretty postcard side that THEY want portrayed.

    • That’s the flaw of Facebook…and it will be their downfall. Even when they send a “Warning”…they share absolutely no details. As I started this post, Facebook has a lot of great qualities…and problems.


  7. Bob Chandler on said:

    Will there be a way for us to share pictures? I really enjoy all the pictures and updates given through pictures that being on Facebook has provided. Maybe if nothing else, they can be emailed to you Toby, and then you can add them to the site? Just curious and thanks for all the info you have continued to provide on the latest issues.

  8. Toy Buell on said:

    sorry guys i disagree, I have a hard time believing that these guys are getting you that riled up that you would use swearwords on Facebook. I am anti wolf in the strongest sense but if you let them get at you like that aren’t they winning? Driving you off of Facebook just may be their intention and you are gonna let them win? Failed Social Experiment? come on do you honestly think that this blog will reach as wide an audience as lobowatch on Facebook? dont kid yourself.
    Refute every thing that they say on your page in an adult manner I understand that your passionate about this subject as I am but we simply cant let them win.

    • Toy…we’re not giving up on Facebook…as I said to Bob…we’re just developing a “Plan B”. And we do need this blog to discuss things without having to put up with childish b.s.


      • Steve nick on said:

        I strongly agree with moving away from FB and not a totally giving up the less the wackos know seems to really bother them …but the truth is to win this fight it seems to me …arguing with the wackos is a waste of time

  9. I have to agree Toby that the FB policy that allows the greens to run and tattle, have our stuff be pulled, and be issued warnings and time-outs while they run amock harrassing, name calling(and oh, the language! Granted I cuss with the best of them but there is a time and place for everything.) and posting threats is down right frustrating and most definately flawed. I personally have just been trying damn hard to not acknowledge them if they are being idiots on a thread I want to acknowledge and comment on. This is a great idea, we have a safe haven to come talk amongst ourselves.
    Thanks for all of your knowledge and for doing all that you are doing Toby.


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