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MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Adaptive” Wolf Management Is Just Another Lie

Yesterday, January 12, 2012, I spent the afternoon attending the Environmental Quality Committee meeting at the Capitol building in Helena.  Mt Fish, Wildlife and Parks was called in front of the committee to update the legislators on the status of the 2011 Wolf Season, which was originally scheduled to close December 31, 2011.  That season has been extended to until February 15th.  And it is very unlikely that it will meet the set quota.

The state senators and representatives who make up the EQC have been catching a lot of flack from their constituents about getting the wolf problem under control.  But, as long as MT FWP remains the same, trying to reduce wolf numbers through a wolf season with an established quota, that is never going to happen.  Still, MT FWP Director Joe Maurier says he doubts if we will ever have the opportunity to take wolves whenever there is an opportunity – 365 days a year.  However, study after study from around the world has found that is the ONLY way to possibly ever reduce wolf numbers to the point where game populations can rebound – OTHER THAN AERIAL GUNNING.

The greatest obstacle in bringing wolf numbers down has been that MT FWP really has not had any real wolf experts.  When it comes to controlling wolf numbers, they honestly have no clue how to get it done.  Another major obstacle is that after 17 years of living with Canadian wolves, FWP has really not learned much about wolves.  The agency continues to try “managing” the wolf population by treating these apex predators as a big game animal.  And that has never been done anywhere on this planet.

Several good things were brought to light at the meeting.  One is that FWP is now considering having a wolf trapping season, much like Idaho’s.  Another consideration is to allow the use of electronic calls.  And still another is to allow hunters to purchase more than one wolf permit.

For more on the meeting, and the topics of discussion, along with some of the same ol’ MT FWP idiocy, go to – http://www.lobowatch.com/adminclient/Legislation10/go

Please take a few minutes to read that post…then come back here and share your feelings on what needs to be done, why and how.

Toby Bridges



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4 thoughts on “MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Adaptive” Wolf Management Is Just Another Lie

  1. You would think,Toby, that after 16 years they would have a handle on the habits,numbers and the management program for the grays. How in America can this incompetence exist, especially in a game management dept of an entire state.

    Its the new school of training these biologist are receiving to have this affect, we are seeing this line of wildlife management spreading everywhere. It is mind boggling how the left wing liberals can have the power of influence over our education system.

    Our children have been taught lies for decades now and the fruit is on the trees. Makes me sick just to think about it. It is all about power and money and the elite left controlling all the land. keep up the good work and we will keep educating America as to what is happening to our big game and hunting heritage.

    David Evans

  2. Clay Fowler on said:

    I will NOT put up with this in my state. I’ll organize, raise funds, donate to whatever organization it takes to stop this madness!

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  4. At the SHOT Show this past week, I ran into several cast members of the reality show “Gold Rush”. Following is a message I sent to the Discovery Channel when i got home…

    “I’ve been a solid follower of Gold Rush, and this past week I had the great fortune of running into Jack Hoffman, Jim Thurber and Dave Turin at the 2012 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. I was working with one of the companies I do some marketing promotion for, and the guys spent a good 20 or so minutes with me. We discussed a similar show I would dearly love to see on the Discovery Channel – one appropriately named WOLF WARS! We now have a destructive predator epidemic in the Northern Rockies, where out of control non-native wolf populations have already destroyed 80-percent of the elk herds all along the upper U.S. Rocky Mountains…plus have made it harder than ever for ranchers to profitably raise livestock. At the heart of the problem are radical environmental groups…crooked politicians…manipulation of wildlife science…and federal and state wildlife agencies which violate the law and the Endangered Species Act. This issue has all the ingredients for one drama and excitement filled series. To come up to speed, the link given will take you to dozens of releases that are sure to open your eyes.”

    The link I sent them – http://www.lobowatch.com/adminclient/NewsArchive/go

    It needs to happen. If not on the Discovery Channel…then on either the Outdoor Channel or on the Sportsman Channel.

    Toby Bridges

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