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Topic of the Week…Why Environmental Groups Don’t Want You To See “The Grey”

Yesterday, January 27, 2012, I went to the first matinee showing of the movie “The Grey” here in Missoula, MT.  This morning, I posted my thoughts about the movie…and whether it was realistic or not.  Please go to the following link, and then come back here to share your thoughts –


If you’ve seen the movie, or plan to see it soon, share with us… Which do you think more accurately portrays wolves…”The Grey” or “Never Cry Wolf”

Toby Bridges



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3 thoughts on “Topic of the Week…Why Environmental Groups Don’t Want You To See “The Grey”

  1. Capt Dave on said:

    The ‘Grey’ for sure..I live in Idaho in the winter and Alaska in summer…I see the wolves first hand both places…Never cry Wolf in absurd and mindless…Walt disney class.. However the Grey is based on true circumstances…Alaska Teacher Killed by Wolves …Mar. 2010…I wish all could see the hundreds of Elk butchered and left to rot here south of Yellowstone….Come and seefor yourself, please..

    • Thanks Capt. Dave…

      People have had all they can take of the wolf ignorance. State wildlife agencies…politicians…and radical environmental groups are now in our crosshairs…and the sportsmen of this country need to keep them under fire until this mess is resolved. And that is going to take the removal of one heck of a lot of wolves. Earlier today, I learned that IDFG withdrew from the Y2Y colaboration. Now, we have to get MT FWP out of that radical enviro pipedream as well.

      Toby Bridges

  2. Bob Chandler on said:

    My family and I saw “The Grey” this weekend and thought it was great. It is easy to see why pro wolf groups are boycotting it, as it does not portray the nice little cuddly wolves they are talking about. Also, the wolves are killing for fun, not for food. It definitely is a better portrayal of wolves than “Never Cry Wolf” and I recommend it to everyone, with respect to the fact that it is rated “R,” mostly for language. Go see it!

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