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LOBO WATCH Endorses Bob Fanning For Montana Governor!

Montana gubernatorial candidate Robert Fanning, center, LOBO WATCH founder Toby Bridges, right, and LOBO WATCH supporter Keith Steigers, left, joined more than three-dozen others to protest the Howl Across America pro-wolf rally in Bozeman, MT this past year.  ____________________________________________________________________

I’m the first to support every Montana voter’s right to cast their ballot for the candidate theyfeel is best suited to fill the Office of Governor.  I certainly know I will.

We all have issues that are most important to us, and I’m sure that not all of us will share the same priorities.  At the top of my list just happens to be getting someone in that office who will do one heck of a lot more than our current Governor has to take control of the wolf problem.

Yes, there are other issues that are equally important.  However, unless we can get wolf numbers low enough to stop the decline in big game populations, the quality of life in this state will take an equally precipitous crash.  It already has. One state senator has already put a pencil to what wolves are costing Montana annually, stating that the total loss of game, livestock, tourism dollars, hunting permit sales, loss of booked hunts with outfitters, added costs to ranchers to thwart wolf attacks, added vet expenses, repairs to fences due to cattle being run through them, and the loss of small business revenue related to hunting expenditures now tops $120,000,000 EVERY YEAR.  And with each new year, living with wolves sees added expense.

Now, we know the wolf “experiment” that was forced upon Montana residents has been nothing more than the start of a much larger radical environmental agenda – to force rural residents off the land, and to return much of western Montana back to roadless wilderness. Those plans, and the lack of any real effort by many elected officials to combat the negative impact environmental organizations have had on this state, do not give economic growth a chance.

So much for attracting new business…and better paying jobs.

Come November 6th, I’ll be casting my vote for Bob Fanning.  The following endorsement shares why.

If a strong state economy and a rewarding outdoor lifestyle are important to you and yourfamily, now is the time to see where your candidate stands on strignent wolf control, exercising state rights, and taking charge of the problems that now plague the state.

Toby Bridges




Toby Bridges/LOBO WATCH Endorsement of Bob Fanning –

“Bob Fanning For Governor 2012!

            ‘The opportunity to harvest wild fish and game animals is a heritage that shall forever be preserved to the individual citizens of the state’.

            Those very words are included in Montana’s constitution, ensuring the citizens of this state that our bounty of wildlife and wild places will “forever be preserved”.  That outdoor lifestyle is so important to Montanans that the constitutional guarantee of quality hunting and fishing, both as recreation and for sustenance, holds a very dear place in the hearts of the sportsmen and sports women of this state.

            Under the leadership of our current Governor, Brian Schweitzer, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission have violated both the trust of the state’s very outdoor oriented population and the agency’s  legal obligation to preserve the quality of hunting and fishing within the borders of the state.  The agency and commission have broken away from the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation to more closely support the agendas of radical environmental groups, even forming a partnership with one extremely anti-hunting group of collaborators, known as the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative.  The goal of that initiative and many of the organizations making up the list of partners is to force rural residents off the land and into the cities, and to allow wildlife to manage itself. 

            Their intent is to turn most of western Montana back into roadless and humanless  wilderness, where large major predators can roam freely from current Yellowstone National Park all the way to the Yukon.  Wolves, grizzly bears and mountain lions would become the new managers of our elk, moose, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and all other living things within that wilderness corridor.

            Only one 2012 candidate for Montana’s governor office has openly fought the idiocy of such thinking – Robert Fanning, of Pray, Montana.

            Bob founded and has served as the c.e.o. of the Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, and has witnessed the destruction of that herd, from nearly 20,000 elk during the mid 1990’s to only about 4,000 elk today.  The cause for the drastic decline of that herd has simply been escalating wolf and grizzly populations, which have totally destroyed spring calf crops.  As the sharp downward spiral of all big game populations in the Greater Yellowstone Area has continued, Bob Fanning has become one of the loudest voices behind this state’s right to manage all wildlife, including major predators such as federally protected wolves and grizzly bears.

            He has made wolf control a major campaign promise, and that has made him a target of criticism from several others running for the same office.  They say he is a single issue candidate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Fanning-Baldwin platform addresses far more than any other 2012 gubernatorial campaign.  The others seem to be stuck on the same old issues we hear during any election year, including better paying jobs and better education. Fanning also addresses those – but in a slightly different manner.  He strongly feels that all of that begins with first eliminating the control of an intrusive federal government, and to exercise state rights to develop natural resources, to fully protect the state’s very rural based economy, to insure the value of the dollar, to stop the federal land grab, to live up to our state constitution, in short, to make Montana the state it has been in the past.

            I’ve never before endorsed anyone for the Office of Governor.  I, like hundreds of thousands of other sportsmen in this state, realize that to save our wildlife and hunting heritage in Montana is going to take a governor who is ready and willing to go nose to nose and toes to toes with the federal government.  The same holds true in order for the logging industry, ranching, farming, mining, energy exploration, or any other natural resource based economic opportunity to flourish.  Quite honestly, Bob Fanning is the only candidate willing to show that kind of spunk.  And spunk is what we need right now to make things right in Montana.  

            What we don’t need are four or eight more years of the same old thing that has destroyed much of this state…along with the future opportunities and the  initiative to make Montana a better home.

Toby Bridges                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LOBO WATCH”


More on the Bob Fanning-Chuck Baldwin campaign platform at – http://www.fanning-baldwin.com


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