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Montana County Commissioners Need To Draft Their Own Predator Control Plan…

Following is a “Call to Action” for the Missoula County Board of Commissioners.  Wolves have pretty much destroyed wildlife population across a majority of this western Montana county, and now they are posing an ever greater threat to livestock…pets…and humans.

Dear Missoula County Commissioners;

We have a two-fold problem here in Missoula County.  One is the unbelievable loss of wildlife resources to an ever growing number of wolves.  Another is that we have a state wildlife agency that is not capable of putting together effective wolf control.

Have you seen the predator control plan that has been drafted by the Ravalli County Board of Commissioners?  I know it is a work in progress, but I will “Cc:” those commissioners and ask that a copy be sent to you.  Since MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks neither has the knowledge or the incentive to take care of the problem, it will become your burden to draft a similar plan.  The loss of our elk, moose, deer and other big game animals to predators, primarily wolves, is not acceptable.  And the citizens of this state are becoming more and more angry over that loss each and every day.  The 2012 elections will become a real battleground in Montana this fall, and those responsible for allowing wolves to devastate big game populations will be held accountable.

Here’s what one rural Missoula County resident has to say about this issue…

“Last week my neighbor’s dogs were attacked by two wolves. One was carried off to be killed and eaten later (it was never found) and the other torn to pieces in their yard. The wolves laid in wait until the dogs were let out in the morning. It wasn’t much of a fair fight as the two dogs were pugs and the neighbors described the wolves as “waist high”. There are hundreds of thousands of acres behind Potomac for the wolves to hunt in, but the game has been so depleted that the wolves are moving in closer to the populated areas in order to kill at will. It is time to get rid of these non-native invasive killing machines. When will enough be enough? After our children are carried off and eaten? How long will it be before we have to post armed guards at the grade school to ensure the kids get home safely? 

Potomac used to be known as the “shooting gallery” due to the number of elk taken here during hunting season and now there are none to speak of. I am used to seeing hundreds of elk during hunting season, but I have seen the numbers in the last couple of years decline to where I saw none this last season. This is a travesty and not what we as sportsmen and Montanans want. 

Please force the FWP to stop lying about the numbers of wolves and either eradicate this menace outright, or allow us to thin their ranks to an acceptable number at the very least. The local BLM rangers have been denying the presence of wolves in our area for years, but the local wolf pack is so well known that it was featured in a recent National Geographic article; even called by name (Elevation Mountain Pack). I know of two area outfitters driven out of business due to the dwindling game numbers and I am sure if I checked around I could find several more. What happens when the deer and elk are completely erased from our landscape? Will it then be our fault that the wolves start killing humans for food because we are now in “their” habitat? 

Please stop ignoring this growing problem and create a workable solution before the sportsmen of this area and this state are forced to take matters into their own hands. 

Kai Puhrmann – Potomac, Montana” 

The above message was sent to the same list of Montana elected officials in the e-mail that follows.   That e-mail addresses the inability of FWP and the FWP Commission to tackle the predator problem.  As the Missoula Board of County Commissioners, you must draft a plan of action.  And the citizens of this county and this state will insure that Fish, Wildlife and Parks adhere to it…or they can seek employment somewhere else.

Toby Bridges



This e-mail has since been used to send the same alarm in other counties in Montana…to encourage the Commissioners in each county to draft their own Predator Control Plan…and to be ready to fall back upon that plan if Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the FWP Commission continue to do as close to nothing as possible to take care of the wolf threat (and impact of other major predators).  All Montana residents should e-mail, phone or write their county comissioners to encourage them to get on board, and to come up with their own Plan of Action.  Contact me at lobowatch1@gmail.com and I will see if I can provide e-mail addresses for the commissioners in your Montana county.  

 Toby Bridges 


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