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MT Gubernatorial Candidate Announces His Wolf Management Plan

Where wolves have decimated Montana’s big game herds, the aggressive predators are now making an ever greater impact on livestock – and the ability of the state’s ranchers to operate profitably.



March 28, 2012

Rick Hill Announces Wolf Management Plan

Helena, MT – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill joined sportsmen, landowners, ranchers, legislators and other stakeholders to discuss his plan for the management of Montana’s wolf population.

“Right now we are at a tipping point with wolves, the point where we won’t be able to manage the population any more because there are too many of them. The number of wolves in Montana continues to grow and the population is spreading,” said Hill.

According to the mandates of the wolf de-listing from the Endangered Species Act, Montana needs to maintain 150 wolves, including ten breeding pairs. Today the minimum wolf count is 650, but most experts acknowledge the actual number is likely 10-30% higher than that, with 715-845 wolves in Montana.  With birth litters on the horizon, the number of wolves could reach 1000.  Some fish and game experts worry that if wolf numbers continue to expand it will be difficult for conventional management tactics to bring the numbers back to manageable levels—and that could have a catastrophic impact on Montana’s elk and other big game herds, and increase pressure on livestock producers.

“Our current control methods are not adequate. If we don’t approach this problem head on—our ranchers, landowners, and sportsmen will be negatively impacted. If we don’t act now it will be too late.”

“I believe FWP needs an aggressive series of steps immediately to control the wolf populations.  It’s critical that we make an immediate and dramatic reduction in wolf numbers,” said Hill.

Hill’s plan includes splitting the state into two separate zones for wolf management: a Wolf Aggressive Management Zone, to control the population in Western Montana, and a Wolf No Tolerance Zone that does not permit wolves to spread to Central or Eastern Montana.

“We will work with the experts and the counties to establish the line for the no tolerance zone.  No wolves will be allowed east of that line.  When they cross that line they will be considered predators, and any person with a gun can legally shoot them at any time of day, on any day of the year.”

Hill’s proposal also includes: a lengthening of the wolf-hunting season, the use of trapping, the ability for hunters to shoot more than one wolf, and more aggressive pack removal from livestock depredations.

“We will immediately introduce these changes upon being sworn in as Governor. Working with a new Fish and Wildlife Commission, I will make it a priority for the legislature to pass any needed statutory changes within the first two weeks of the 2013 session so we can immediately cut down the predator numbers.”

In addition, Hill pledged a change in the culture and leadership at the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

“Restoring the trust and cooperation between sportsmen and landowners will be the top priority of the new leadership at FWP.  It’s time we start listening and partnering with landowners, counties and sportsmen and women to address their concerns and needs,” said Hill.


This now makes three Montana gubernatorial candidates which have openly shared their feelings about regaining control of wolves through more stringent wolf management.  The other two are Robert Fanning, the founder and c.e.o. of Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd…and Jim Lynch, former Director of the Montana Department of Transportation.  Before mid April, LOBO WATCH will issue a News Release sharing what these candidates, and hopefully a few others have to say about wolf management or wolf control. – Toby Bridges, LOBO WATCH


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6 thoughts on “MT Gubernatorial Candidate Announces His Wolf Management Plan

  1. Bob Chandler on said:

    I hope the Idaho legislature is listening as well. Idaho needs to follow in the footsteps of Wyoming and Montana to declare wolves as predators.

  2. Bob…

    I just published a piece on the LOBO WATCH website that shares how other candiates for the MT Governor’s office are now wanting the wolf treated as a predator.


    Toby Bridges

  3. CXhris Edwards on said:

    I’ve never seen such a well coordinated, malicious, disinformation campaign before, very impressive, I like to call it “trickle down proto-humanism…” Everyone from the Govenor’s office, on down to the toothless, banjo picking, backwoods inbreds, all in perfect synch.

    I’ve hunted, and trapped all my life, from northwest Wisconsin to Alaska, I’ve been at it for over forty years, I know more about predation then most, yet it never ceases to amaze me how unmatched ranchers & politicians are as predators, there are no more fearsome killers loose on this earth, its just to damn bad for the toothless banjo pickers that they think its the wolves, and other wildlife, that are the prey species!

    • Really XEdwards?

      You sure think one hell of a lot of yourself. Maybe to the point of being more than just a little egotisitcial. Me thinkst you are just a bit of a phony. If not, you wouldn’t hide behind an internet pseudonym…and would just post under your real name. After all…you claim to be a pro hunter and trapper, who has worked from Wisconsin, across Canada, to Alaska. Were you licensed in Ontario…Manitoba…Saskatchewan…Alberta…British Columbia…Northwest Territories…the Yukon…and Alaska…or did you just “freelance” it all the way?

      Give us a break…we hear from people like you all the time…who would likely get lost in a 40 acre woodlot.

      Toby Bridges

  4. Bob Chandler on said:


    Haha…really…banjo picking? My guess is that you are shacked up in some high rise living the standard liberal lifestyle. I doubt you have ever hunted, trapped, or even come close to witnessing what predators do to wildlife and livestock. It is exactly people like you that are destroying the future of all wildlife. I bet you have never contributed one cent to the proactive efforts that real sportsman make each and every year to ensure the future of our wildlife. Real sportsman take into consideration ALL types of wildlife, not just one they have singled out, especially one that is destroying everything else. You are the predator CXhris, you and others like you that continually fight for causes that only have hidden agendas.

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