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Phony Montana Sportsman Organizations Taint 2012 Elections!

Per capita, Montana has more hunters and fishermen than any other Lower 48 state.

Last November, LOBO WATCH exposed a very phony “sportsman based” organization – a group that called itself “Montana Hunters and Anglers Action”. See release published at…


Simply put, it was the goal of this “organization” to discredit those elected officials who are fighting the continued spread of wolves in this state, or who stand tall against the closure of public lands or access to those public lands (i.e. road closures). The efforts of Montana Hunters and Anglers Action were financed by radical environmental groups. In fact, according to one source of information, some $250,000 was spent on tv commercials that vehemently attacked Denny Rehberg. Surely many of you remember those…which went off the air later the same week we circulated the release to the media of Montana…and to real sportsmen and sportsmen groups/organizations.

Well, it seems we have another equally phony sportsman group in our midst again, calling itself the Montana Sportsman Alliance. And it’s pretty much made up of the same folks who ran or financially supported Montana Hunters and Anglers Action.

Montana Sportsman Alliance is equally lame, and has the same radical environmental purpose – and that is to disrupt the 2012 election in an attempt to prevent a few burrs under their saddle from being re-elected…or elected. Their sorry excuse for a website shares exactly who they are…if one takes the time to scrutinize the information they have published. One post is an all out attack against one true statewide sportsman-based organization – Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. That Editorial Opinion which appeared in the Missoulian was written by Montana Sportsman Alliance co-founder Vito Quatraro, and attacks MT SFW for one reason and one reason only – the staunch stand SFW has on achieving more stringent control of wolves in this state. I know for a fact that MT SFW president Keith Kubista wrote a rebutal to that piece, but to the best of my knowledge, the Missoulian has never published it. But, that newspaper is now gaining an extremely bad reputation for publishing one-sided journalism.

At the May 2012 MT FWP Commission meeting, MT Sportsman Alliance had several representatives comment – all of which stood in favor of the proposed wolf season presented by the commission – which would extend the season, allow electronic calls, and would allow trapping…without the use of more effective snares. The vast majority of sportsmen who commented at that meeting told the FWP Commission that the proposed season and methods of take DID NOT go far enough.

The truth is, Montana Sportsman Alliance is too closely associated with the Montana Wildlife Federation to truly represent the real sportsmen of Montana. As much as MWF tries to paint itself as a “sportsman friendly” organization…they are still a State Chapter of the National Wildlife Federation…which favors having MORE WOLVESMORE GRIZZLY BEARS…and MORE PREDATORS in general on the Montana landscape. And these are the very reason why our big game populations are now in serious decline.

Today, with the primary elections underway, seemed a fitting day to write and circulate this. Beginning tomorrow, the heat will really be on those who carry the ball all the way to November 6. Starting tomorrow morning, it’s time for the sportsmen of this state to unite and fight together…and the Montana Sportsmen Alliance banner IS NOT the battle flag we need to be waving.

Toby Bridges




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2 thoughts on “Phony Montana Sportsman Organizations Taint 2012 Elections!

  1. So in English please, can I slaughter them
    wolves yet?

    • Now…the proper word is control. FWP likeS to keep harping on “Management”…but before that agency can ever “Manage” wolves, we first have to control them. And we haven’t even gotten close.

      Toby Bridges

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