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The LOBO WATCH website at www.lobowatch.com has been a  leader in the battle against federal and state agencies, pro-wolf groups, and radical environmental organizations which have supported the tremendous losses of wildlife, pets and livestock to a totally non-native wolf subspecies.  The goal of their efforts has been to dramatically eliminate human use of the land, to return much of the West to wilderness, and to put an end to hunting.  For detailed reports of a wide range of wolf issues, go to the LOBO WATCH website…and use this blog to communicate your thoughts.


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  1. LOVE your site! I’ll be referring to your information here for upcoming 2012 election information. Keeping track of how our EMPLOYEES are representing our best interests… or not. People need something TRUE to take to the voting booths instead of the same old goebels propaganda the “mainstream media” is vomiting all over the networks. The “County Sheriff Project” is also something you might like to get involved with. Our Sheriff’s are a line of defense against the unconstitutional federal power grabs we’re seeing. Here’s a story about U.S. Sheriff’s Standing up to the feds…. threatening them with arrest and swat teams. http://twg2a.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/u-s-sheriffs-rise-up-against-federal-government-threatens-feds-with-swat-teams/
    And here’s another encouraging article about the “Western States Sheriff Association” letter to the feds letting them know they have overstepped their boundaries. https://twg2a.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/western-state-sheriffs-association-keeping-their-oath/ The Gallatin County Sheriff, Cashill, is a member of the WSSA. Have not spoken with him about this yet, but I’m assuimg the group is as one on this. I hope so, anyway. There are SO many hornet’s nests going right now, and we MUST draw the line with the feds, our Soverignty, our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights. I’m all for protecting the environment, but those ecoterrorists value the life of a guppy more than they do that of a human being. If they had their way, we’d all be dead and gone (except for THEM, of course!) and they could live in their little glassy eyed utopia where they hug bears, wolves and mountain lions and all live in peace and harmony.
    Sorry. That is unacceptable.

  2. Looks like another wolf killing in AK…

    “Wolves killed AK teacher; report adds new fuel to NW wolf war”

    With confirmation the other day by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that at least two wolves were responsible for killing a young high school teacher, the debate about wolf management in the Pacific Northwest has erupted anew.


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