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Phony Montana Sportsmen Groups Try To Disrupt 2012 Elections!


Montanan’s have long been admired for their straight forward honesty, and being who they are – saying what they have to say without sugar coating a damned thing.

Unfortunately, we now have a new element among us, who live a lie…and continue to prosper using nothing more than lies.

Following is a link to a LOBO WATCH release that takes a look at far less than honest individuals and organizations that try their darndest to represent themselves as “Montana Sportsmen”…when their one and only goal or agenda is to destroy the Montana way of life – and to disrupt the 2012 elections by confusing the sportsman voter…and spreading more lies.


Choose very wisely who you vote for on November 6th – the future of this state is very much in your hands.

Toby Bridges



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